Our Gift Certificates and Packages are getting a little facelift!

While this is not an Extreme Makeover, we have managed a little nip and tuck to the way our Gift Certificates and Packages look to your clients.

For several years we have offered an additional service with Full Slate whereby you can create and sell gift certificates and packages. More on that feature can be found via our Help Center 

While this is a great feature, we know that it was due for a bit of an upgrade, so we have added some changes to make them more visually appealing.

So what has changed?

Here is the what our certificates have looked like.

Click to download printout

And this the new version


Starting today, your logo will now appear on the certificate.  This is the logo featured in your company settings found via Setup >  Company Details.  Your company name will appear beneath the logo.  Information about your Landing Page address, the redemption code, and the expiration dates will appear on the black bar.

A few other tweaks were made so that the vouchers look more streamlined than before.  Another change was to limit the characters used in the description of the product and the length of your title of services.  A character-counter was added, so when you are creating these items, the system will let you know how many characters you have left.

We are still hard at work on making this feature even better but we hope that you enjoy this improvement.  If you have any questions about these updates or would like some help setting up this feature, please feel free to Contact Us at Full Slate Support.


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Drive Repeat Business

Want to encourage past clients to return for another appointment? You can have Full Slate automatically send them a personalized email if they haven’t rebooked within a certain window.

To setup an automated recall, go to Messages > Automatic Messages, click the “Add message” button, and choose “Connect with past clients.” You can then specify how long after their last appointment you’d like messages to be sent. You can even send different messages based upon which service the client last booked.

You might also consider including a special offer or promotion to incentivize long overdue clients to come back.  If you’re worried about discounting your services, you can set up a series of messages.  Say you send a reconnect message after 3 months without any special offer.  Then after 6 months you send a second message offering a discount.  Only the people who don’t respond to the first message will get the second one — just those clients who need a little extra motivation.

You can create different templates and customize the message under  Messages > Templates.


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Encouraging Clients to Schedule Online

Every business is different, but many of our customers are seeing two-thirds or more of their clients schedule their appointments online.  Want to get more of your clients to schedule their appointments online?  Here are 5 things you can do to encourage online scheduling:

  • Email clients an invitation to schedule online.  You can do this individually or for a large group of customers.  Use our ‘Client Invitation’ email template or create your own.  Just be sure to include a link to your website or landing page.
  • Mention online scheduling to your clients before, during or after their appointment.  Let them know how easy it is and how other clients like the convenience.
  • Update your voicemail to let clients know that online scheduling is the fastest, easiest way to schedule their next appointment. Be sure to tell them the address of your website or landing page.
  • Put signage in your place of business. A window cling near the door and/or a small placard in your reception area serve as great reminders.
  • Update any printed materials to direct clients to schedule online: business cards, appointment cards, ‘thank you’ notes, stationery, invoices, receipts, etc.

We’d love to hear your ideas and success stories about getting clients to schedule online!

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Turn Off Email, SMS for Individual Clients

Have a client who doesn’t want to receive automated emails or SMS messages? We recently added new settings to allow you to turn off automated messaging for individual clients.  You can turn off automated emails, SMS messages, or both.

To update these settings, go to Clients > Details and find the client record you want to update. Check ‘No automatic email’ to prevent the client from receiving email reminders and other automated emails. Check ‘No SMS’ to prevent the client from receiving SMS reminders.

Also, notice the ‘Marketing opt-in’ checkbox next to these settings.  You can use this to track which clients have opted-in to receive marketing emails from you.  You can edit this setting yourself, or give clients the option to opt-in by adding the ‘Opt-in’ field under Setup > Booking Details.  When you send a marketing email from Clients > List, just be sure to check the ‘Opt-in only’ to only send to those clients who have opted in.

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Add a 'CC' on Emails to Clients

Did you know you can add a ‘cc’ on reminder emails to a client?  That’s right, you can ‘cc’ a child’s parent or a client’s spouse so that both parties receive reminder emails in advance of appointments. You can even add more than one ‘cc’ so you can carbon copy mom and dad.

To add a ‘cc’ to a client record, just go to Clients > Details, find the client record you want and add the ‘cc’ email address to the ‘Email Cc’ field. That’s it!

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Tracking Clients: Active and Opt-In

You can now track and filter clients based on their active/inactive and opt-in status. You may have noticed two new checkboxes on each of your client records: ‘Active’, and ‘Mass email opt-in’.

By default, all of your clients are marked as Active. You can uncheck the box to mark inactive clients and hide them in your Clients > List without having to permanently delete their records. That way you can filter out your inactive clients when sending bulk emails.

‘Mass email opt-in’ is a custom field you can add under Setup > Booking Details to the form your clients fill out when scheduling appointments. It lets your clients indicate whether they’d like to receive promotional messages from you. Then when you send a mass message from Clients > List, you can filter to only those clients who have explicitly opted-in.

In general, it’s a good practice to ask permission before sending someone bulk email. But if you haven’t added the opt-in field to your booking form or a client hasn’t made an appointment with it in place, they wouldn’t have had a chance to opt-in and the box will be unchecked. Note that you can also ask clients in person and then check the opt-in box yourself.

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