Turn Off Email, SMS for Individual Clients

Have a client who doesn’t want to receive automated emails or SMS messages? We recently added new settings to allow you to turn off automated messaging for individual clients.  You can turn off automated emails, SMS messages, or both.

To update these settings, go to Clients > Details and find the client record you want to update. Check ‘No automatic email’ to prevent the client from receiving email reminders and other automated emails. Check ‘No SMS’ to prevent the client from receiving SMS reminders.

Also, notice the ‘Marketing opt-in’ checkbox next to these settings.  You can use this to track which clients have opted-in to receive marketing emails from you.  You can edit this setting yourself, or give clients the option to opt-in by adding the ‘Opt-in’ field under Setup > Booking Details.  When you send a marketing email from Clients > List, just be sure to check the ‘Opt-in only’ to only send to those clients who have opted in.

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Add a 'CC' on Emails to Clients

Did you know you can add a ‘cc’ on reminder emails to a client?  That’s right, you can ‘cc’ a child’s parent or a client’s spouse so that both parties receive reminder emails in advance of appointments. You can even add more than one ‘cc’ so you can carbon copy mom and dad.

To add a ‘cc’ to a client record, just go to Clients > Details, find the client record you want and add the ‘cc’ email address to the ‘Email Cc’ field. That’s it!

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