Drive Repeat Business

Want to encourage past clients to return for another appointment? You can have Full Slate automatically send them a personalized email if they haven’t rebooked within a certain window.

To setup an automated recall, go to Messages > Automatic Messages, click the “Add message” button, and choose “Connect with past clients.” You can then specify how long after their last appointment you’d like messages to be sent. You can even send different messages based upon which service the client last booked.

You might also consider including a special offer or promotion to incentivize long overdue clients to come back.  If you’re worried about discounting your services, you can set up a series of messages.  Say you send a reconnect message after 3 months without any special offer.  Then after 6 months you send a second message offering a discount.  Only the people who don’t respond to the first message will get the second one — just those clients who need a little extra motivation.

You can create different templates and customize the message under  Messages > Templates.


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New Placeholders: Provider Phone & Email

Now you can automatically include the provider’s phone or email address in message templates. We recently added the following placeholders:

  • {provider phone}New Placeholders
  • {provider email}

These placeholders can be particularly useful if you have multiple providers that travel to meet clients at their home or business. By including the provider’s contact information in confirmation and reminder emails, you can ensure clients can reach the provider at the last minute when necessary.

These placeholders are appointment-specific and therefore only work on appointment-related templates, such as confirmations, reminders and followups.

For more information regarding email placeholders, check out the Help Center placeholders page.

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Different Email Templates for Different Services

Ever want to send different messaging or instructions to clients based on the service they scheduled?  Now you can with service-specific automated emails.  When adding or editing an automated message (under Messages > Automatic Messages), you can specify which services you want the message to apply, as well as which message template to use and at what time interval.

There are a number of great uses of this feature:

  • Provide different instructions to new clients by creating a service (or services) just for new clients
  • Remind clients what to bring to appointments for specific services
  • Establish a different time interval for reminder or followup messages, based on the scheduled service

This is another example of a feature resulting directly from customer feedback.  Keep those ideas coming!

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Turn Off Email, SMS for Individual Clients

Have a client who doesn’t want to receive automated emails or SMS messages? We recently added new settings to allow you to turn off automated messaging for individual clients.  You can turn off automated emails, SMS messages, or both.

To update these settings, go to Clients > Details and find the client record you want to update. Check ‘No automatic email’ to prevent the client from receiving email reminders and other automated emails. Check ‘No SMS’ to prevent the client from receiving SMS reminders.

Also, notice the ‘Marketing opt-in’ checkbox next to these settings.  You can use this to track which clients have opted-in to receive marketing emails from you.  You can edit this setting yourself, or give clients the option to opt-in by adding the ‘Opt-in’ field under Setup > Booking Details.  When you send a marketing email from Clients > List, just be sure to check the ‘Opt-in only’ to only send to those clients who have opted in.

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Email Enhancement: Personalize the 'From' Field

A quick note about a cool new enhancement we released this week.  You now have the ability for system emails to have your business email address in the ‘From:’ field.  This applies to all emails sent to clients and staff including appointment confirmations and reminders.  Just enter the email address for your business on the Company -> Details tab.  That’s it!

Clients will more readily recognize emails from your business.  And replies will go directly to your business e-mail account, making it easier for you to correspond with your clients.

This is another example of a customer-requested-enhancement.  So keep those ideas coming.

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