Benefits of Client Registration

When your clients register for a Full Slate account, they benefit in many ways…and so do you.

Full Slate does not require¬†clients to register to schedule appointments online. But if your clients choose to register, which takes less than a minute, there’s much to gain. After they register, they will no longer have to re-enter their contact information each time they book an appointment. Even their credit card information will be available if you offer online payments. They’ll also be able to see all their past and upcoming appointments including the date, provider and service. And best of all, they’ll be able to cancel and reschedule any upcoming appointments within your cancelation rules.

You gain too when your clients register. Because clients can easily cancel and reschedule online, as well as see their past and upcoming appointments, they’re much less likely to call or email you. Further, when your clients log in to book an appointment, you can be assured their appointment will be matched with your client record, avoiding duplicates.

Clients are provided an opportunity to register after they book an appointment. You can also invite your clients to register by directing them to your registration page, which is at (just be sure to include your landing page in that web address).

You can determine if a client has registered for a Full Slate account by viewing their record under Clients > Details. At the top of the gray box on the right, it will either say “Not registered” or “Registered as [email protected]”.

We won’t market to your clients or sell their information to others, so go ahead and encourage your clients to register today!

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Tracking Clients: Active and Opt-In

You can now track and filter clients based on their active/inactive and opt-in status. You may have noticed two new checkboxes on each of your client records: ‘Active’, and ‘Mass email opt-in’.

By default, all of your clients are marked as Active. You can uncheck the box to mark inactive clients and hide them in your Clients > List without having to permanently delete their records. That way you can filter out your inactive clients when sending bulk emails.

‘Mass email opt-in’ is a custom field you can add under Setup > Booking Details to the form your clients fill out when scheduling appointments. It lets your clients indicate whether they’d like to receive promotional messages from you. Then when you send a mass message from Clients > List, you can filter to only those clients who have explicitly opted-in.

In general, it’s a good practice to ask permission before sending someone bulk email. But if you haven’t added the opt-in field to your booking form or a client hasn’t made an appointment with it in place, they wouldn’t have had a chance to opt-in and the box will be unchecked. Note that you can also ask clients in person and then check the opt-in box yourself.

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