Introducing Checkout– Bookkeeping’s New Best Friend

Now you can checkout customers and easily keep track of payments for appointments in QuickBooks Online. All the details from your appointment book — like who came in when, what services were rendered and how the client paid — flow from Full Slate into QuickBooks with the click of a button. After an appointment, you can take and record payment with the choice to email or print a receipt for your client. Add a tip, apply sales tax, even give a discount to your favorite clients, we’ll do all the math.

If you have enabled Client Payments and take deposits or payments online, those transactions also automatically sync to QuickBooks. You’ll continue to see price and amount paid by the client online in appointment details, and when you check out after the appointment, it will automatically apply the deposit and calculate the balance due.

Bonus – if you’ve configured a credit card processor for client payments, you’ll be able to charge a card during checkout.

If you haven’t setup client payments or prefer to use another merchant service or external POS, you can still record the payment without actually charging the card in Full Slate. To check out this new feature, go to your “Schedule” tab in Full Slate, open an existing appointment, and click the register icon.


At this time, you must have a QuickBooks Online account and have the QuickBooks sync turned on within your Full Slate account to use the checkout feature. If you have a QuickBooks account but have not set up sync, simply go to Setup > QuickBooks Sync and click the “Connect to QuickBooks” button.

If you do not have a QuickBooks account, click HERE to learn more and set up a free 30-day trial.

For many common questions on the new “Checkout” feature, please take a look at our Help Center. If you have any additional questions or trouble, feel free to reach out to support by clicking on the “Support” link in your Full Slate account. We’re happy to help!

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Stripe for Canadian & UK Businesses

Canadian and UK businesses can now use Stripe to process client payments. Stripe is a great way to accept payments from clients when they book online, and it’s now available to businesses in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

StripeTo set up Stripe as your payment processor, go to Setup > Client Payments in your Full Slate account. There, you’ll find a link to Stripe where you can set up your Stripe account.

For more on Full Slate’s client payments offering, please click here.

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Let Clients Add a Tip When Paying Online

You can now let clients add a tip to their payment when booking online. Full Slate’s online payment feature lets you accept payments from clients Tipswhen they book appointments online. With this added functionality, they can add a tip to the price of the service and the combined cost will be charged to their credit card.

The tip option will only be presented to clients when they pay for the appointment in full.

Your clients can then relax when attending their appointment with no worries about payment.

To enable tips, simply check the “Accept tips” box under Setup > Client Payments.

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Enhanced Client Payment Options

You now have more control over how your clients pay when scheduling appointments.

If you require clients to submit credit card information to hold an appointment time (without actually charging the card at the time of booking), you can now choose to remove their ability to also pay for the appointment at the time of scheduling. This works great if you have a separate payment processor and want to use the Full Slate ‘credit card capture’ feature only for no-shows. This works the same way if you require clients to pay a deposit at the time of scheduling.

Also, you no longer need to have prices on your services in order to use the ‘credit card capture’ feature.

Please see the help file to learn more about collecting credit card information at the time of scheduling.

Thanks for the feedback everyone…please look for more updates to our client payment features down the line!

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More Options for Client Payments

Advanced options for requiring payment at time of bookingNow you can make payment info ‘Required for new clients’ only so just the people you haven’t seen before have to put a credit card on file or pay in advance when scheduling appointments online. You can also have different payment settings for each service – even individual clients. Check out the new options under Setup > Client Payments or click here to learn more about collecting credit cards during online scheduling.

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Credit Card Capture, Deposits & Payments

Full Slate now integrates with various payment processors so businesses can require clients to place a credit card on file, put down a deposit or pay in full in when scheduling appointments online.

Credit Card Capture

Now you can collect a credit card number from clients to hold an appointment time without actually charging the card at the time of booking. Full Slate integrates with several leading payment processors – including Stripe and – that provide the ability to securely store credit card information for later use. Credit card capture can cut down on no-shows and gives you a way to enforce your cancellation policy by charging a fee for missed appointments.


Collecting a credit card number or payment in online schedulerAnother option is requiring a deposit – either flat fee or percentage of the cost of service – at the time of booking. Non-refundable deposits provide a guaranty that the client will show up similar to credit card capture, but are less susceptible to dispute and charge-back than fines applied after the fact. And, since the charge is processed immediately, you don’t necessarily need to have a merchant account that provides for secure storage of full credit card numbers.


Businesses that wish to require payment in full at the time of booking now have the option of using an existing merchant account and their choice of payment gateways. In addition to PayPal Payments Standard, Full Slate supports PayPal Payments Advanced and Pro with Checkout Express, Payflow,, and Stripe. These offer seamless integration, so clients can pay for appointments right in your scheduling widget or webpage without being handed off to another site.

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