By the Numbers

Did you notice the new Reports tab? If you haven’t already, check it out! Interactive graphs help you see at a glance how your business is doing on key performance indicators.  You can choose from a variety of metrics including appointments, new bookings, dollar value, and hours booked.

Bar Chart

By default, the bar chart shows total appointments by day for the current week. Each column represents a time period; you can change the interval to group by day, week or month. You can change the timeframe too to see trends over longer periods like four to thirteen weeks or even a full year. Best of all, you can look forward and see what’s booked in the future.

Pie ChartThe pie charts at the top give you a detailed breakdown by service, booking type (by clients online or by staff offline), status (no-show or completed), and staff/location. Just move your mouse over a pie slice to see the details. You can also filter the graphs to show data for just a specific service, booking type, status, or employee.

When you change any of the settings, all of the graphs and tables update instantly. You can export that data to a CSV (comma separate values) file that you can open and analyze further in a program like Excel, or print a pretty report that looks just like what you see on the screen.

We’re really proud of this feature. It was inspired by the reports in QuickBooks and built by a developer from Intuit. Just the beginning of many great new things to come!

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Full Slate is Now Part of Intuit

We are excited to announce that Full Slate has been acquired by Intuit!  With products like QuickBooks, TurboTax, and Demandforce, Intuit is one of the most respected and innovative software companies out there. Mostly, becoming part of Intuit makes good sense as they share our commitment to help small businesses succeed.

We remain intuitdedicated to our current customers and partners — nothing changes with our service for now.  And in time, the opportunities are endless.  We’ll share more as the teams begin working together.

It’s been an incredible, rewarding experience to work with so many small businesses over the past five years.  Thank you for helping us to get where we are today. Your input and feedback has made Full Slate into best-in-class appointment scheduling software. Now we have the opportunity to take it to the next level together with the help of Intuit and your continued support.

Include Expiration Date & Terms on Gift Certificates & Packages

Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 10.10.50 AMYou can now set an expiration date and include other terms on a gift certificate or package. These appear in fine print right on the face of the voucher so your client is sure to see the details.

Since many states in the U.S. prohibit gift cards from expiring, the default is  “never.”  However, you can change it to expire on a specific date (i.e., December 31, 2015) or a certain number of days after purchase, (i.e., 5 years from today) under Setup > Gift Certificates & Packages.  You can also manually set the expiration date for individual vouchers on the Sales tab.

This expiration date is included on the voucher when it’s printed out or emailed to a recipient.  You can also add other terms – like redemption instructions, any exclusions or other limitations – to the fine print.  (We know you want to be able to add your logo and customize the certificate too – we’ll get to that soon.)

Once a voucher has expired, it can no longer be redeemed online.   You can still accept it if you wish; simply check the box to include expired codes on the Sales tab then adjust the balance or extend the deadline on a one-off basis.

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New Number for SMS Alerts & Reminders

Just a heads-up – text message alerts to staff and reminders to clients are now sent from a different number.  In the U.S., automated SMS messages now come from “36070;” this is a short code that is approved by all wirelss carriers.  Outside the U.S., texts are sent from (317) 662-2222.

We had several reports yesterday that Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile were not delivering messages from our previous number, so some clients and staff may not have received the text alerts or reminders that we sent. We apologize for the disruption; the third-party we use (and pay) to send SMS assures us that should not be an issue going forward.

Oh, almost forgot – SMS reminders now show up in the sidebar under Message History on Client > Details!  And if anyone attempts to reply or call the short code, we let them know it’s a robot and that they should contact you instead.  🙂


Some providers treat short codes differently than regular numbers, so here are measures you can take if you’re on one of the following and not receiving alerts (or your clients can take if they’re not receiving SMS reminders):

T-Mobile — By default, T-Mobile does not enable receipt of SMS’s from short codes, so contact T-Mobile and ask them to enable the receipt of SMS’s from short codes.

Sprint — Sprint will sometimes block short codes, so text “allow 36070” to the number “9999”. You should then receive a response indicating you can now receive SMS’s from our short code.

Google Voice — Google Voice does not support the receipt of SMS’s from short codes, so you’ll need to use your actual mobile number for alerts from Full Slate. Please update your number under Account > My Profile and Setup > Staff.

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Hide Empty Columns on the Calendar

hide-empty-columnsThere’s a new option on the Schedule tab under the “More” menu to “Hide empty columns.”  When checked, this maximizes the screen space devoted to days and staff that actually have appointments or availability.

So you can see just work days, no matter if they don’t happen to be Monday through Friday — or even consecutive!  Just set the view to “Week” and any days when you don’t work are automatically hidden so they don’t take up extra space on your schedule.

You can use “Hide empty columns” with multiple staff in separate columns, too. Then only staff with availability or appointments will show on the schedule, and anyone with the day off will be hidden.  As you move forward or back in time, the staff who are scheduled to work on those days will appear automatically.

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Tracking Gift Certificate Redemption

GiftIf you sold some gift certificates over the holidays, you’re probably wondering how to keep track of which ones have been redeemed.  That’s exactly what the new Sales tab is for!  You can view all your vouchers, look up redemption codes, and adjust the balance of gift certificates on the Sales tab.

All of the gift certificates sold through Full Slate are listed under Sales > Gift Certificates.  You can also import redemption codes from other systems so clients can redeem gift certificates purchased elsewhere through your online scheduler.redemption code in online scheduler

There’s a place to enter the redemption code in the booking form, so clients can use gift certificates to pay when scheduling online.  Full Slate checks the balance on the redemption code and automatically deducts the price of the service(s) scheduled.

You can manually adjust the balance on a gift certificate, too, if a client presents it in person or wants to apply it to an offline purchase.  Simply go to Sales > Certificates, click on the redemption code and enter the amount.  Full Slate calculates the current balance left on each voucher and shows the history of credits/debits applied.

You can look up gift certificates by code, from/to name or email on the Sales tab, and print copies or export the whole list as a download file for your records.   Plus, you can issue redemption codes for individual vouchers you give out offline; let Full Slate generate a random code for you or come up with your own unique convention.

Please note that in order to add redemption codes, you must enable Gift Certificates.  This add-on costs $5/mo, but you can try Gift Certificates free for 30 days.  Even if you drop the add-on and stop selling gift certificates through Full Slate, you will still be able to use the Sales tab to redeem any outstanding vouchers.

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Sell Gift Certificates Online

Click to download printoutYou can now sell gift certificates online using Full Slate!  Clients can go to your landing page, choose an amount, pay via credit card, and then email or print a professional gift certificate for friends or family.

Tis the time for giving! So for the month of December, you can sell gift certificates online for FREE.  This is a limited time, introductory special – starting in 2013, this add-on feature will cost a flat $5/mo.  But we’re not charging anything for gift certificates for the rest of the year.  Happy holidays!

Note that you have to have client payments setup using Stripe, or PayPal to sell gift certificate online, and that their standard fees for credit card processing apply.  Full Slate will not, however, charge any additional fees per order, and clients will continue to be able to redeem gift certificates sold through Full Slate even if you stop selling them (and no longer pay for the add-on).

Here’s how to set it up: First, go to Setup > Client Payments to enable credit card payments online.  You can still sell gift certificates on your landing page even if you don’t want clients to be able to pay for appointments at the time of booking.  Next, go to Setup > Gift Certificates and add whatever denominations you like.  If you want to be notified when someone buys a gift certificate online, change the last option under Messages > Alerts.

When someone buys or receives a gift certificate, you’ll see an entry in sidebar of Clients > Details noting the amount and redemption code (in case you need to look it up).  Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 12.10.56 PMThere’s a place to enter the redemption code on the booking form so clients can pay with a gift certificate online, and you can see the remaining balance under Clients > Details, as well.

More bells and whistles to come!  We wanted to get this feature out in time for the shopping season, so we kept it simple to start.  As always, let us know what you think and what’s most important to your business!

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Multiple Locations

Full Slate can help you manage your schedule across multiple locations.  You can keep different hours at each location, have clients choose where they want their appointment to be, and even include the address along with links to a map and directions in the appointment confirmation and email reminder.

Your landing page can list multiple addresses, with each location marked on the map.  Clients can choose the location they want first, or select a service and then see where it’s offered.  (You can also create website widgets and buttons for individual locations.)

To setup online scheduling at multiple locations, first go to Setup > Company, and click “Enable multiple locations.”  You can give each location a nickname – like the neighborhood, building, or intersection – and fill in the address.

Then go to Setup > Staff and assign each staff member to a location.  For staff who work in more than one place, create a doppelganger for each location.  (Don’t worry, we won’t charge extra for staff that work out of multiple locations; just let us know by emailing [email protected] so we can adjust the billing accordingly.)

Once you’ve assigned staff to locations, you can set their hours at each workplace on the Schedule tab (see Help on Change hours for detailed instructions).  Just be sure the hours don’t overlap, since they can’t be in two places at once!

If need be, you can even offer different services at each location (or different prices) under Setup > Services.  Just mark the staff at a given location as performing only the set of services offered there.

Lastly, you may want to add location-specific placeholders – like the address – to the templates for the automated confirmation message and email reminder to help ensure that clients go to the right place!

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Connect to QuickBooks

Now you can connect your existing Full Slate account to QuickBooks to sync client contact information.  In the past, this capability was only available to businesses who created and accessed their Full Slate accounts through Intuit App Center.  Now, any business using Full Slate can connect to QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks for Windows (2009 or later, US only) through Intuit Anywhere.

Just go to Clients > List and click the “Import & Sync” button, then follow the prompts to authorize Full Slate to access your QuickBooks data.  Once connected, clients created in Full Slate will appear in QuickBooks and vice versa.  Plus any updates to contact info like name, email, phone, and address will be automatically synchronized – so no more double data entry!

Unlike most features in Full Slate, the integration with QuickBooks is an add-on that costs a little extra. Intuit charges $5/month to connect to QuickBooks, so we have to pass this charge on to cover our costs.  But hopefully it’s a small price to pay for the convenience and time savings.

For more information and detailed instructions on connecting to QuickBooks, see our online manual.

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Collect Customer Reviews

You can now collect and share reviews of your business right in Full Slate! You can pick which reviews to feature on your scheduling page and even add them to your own website in a reviews widget.

Featured Customer ReviewsTestimonials from your clients can help persuade people who find you on the web to try your services. By including reviews on your website and scheduling page, you give prospective clients a chance to read what others have to say about your business – in their own words.

So how do you get satisfied clients to write glowing review? The perfect time to ask for feedback is right after an appointment. Full Slate can automatically send your client a follow-up afterward to encourage him/her to write a review.  You can use the standard “Request Review” template, customize it, or add a {review link} placeholder to any template. (For more on setting up automated messages and templates, see Help).

If you want more control over what’s posted, you can limit review writing to just the clients you invite and approve each new review before it’s published.

If there are reviews about your business posted on other sites that you want to include on your scheduling page, you can import them into Full Slate under Client > Reviews. Re-importing from time to time will bring in new and updated reviews without creating duplicates.

Please note that although reviews on Full Slate are optimized for search engines, we don’t have control over whether/when aggregators like Google Places include them. If it’s important to your business that reviews appear on directory sites like Yelp and Citysearch, it’s best to have your clients submit reviews there instead and then import them into Full Slate.

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