Introducing Checkout– Bookkeeping’s New Best Friend

Now you can checkout customers and easily keep track of payments for appointments in QuickBooks Online. All the details from your appointment book — like who came in when, what services were rendered and how the client paid — flow from Full Slate into QuickBooks with the click of a button. After an appointment, you can take and record payment with the choice to email or print a receipt for your client. Add a tip, apply sales tax, even give a discount to your favorite clients, we’ll do all the math.

If you have enabled Client Payments and take deposits or payments online, those transactions also automatically sync to QuickBooks. You’ll continue to see price and amount paid by the client online in appointment details, and when you check out after the appointment, it will automatically apply the deposit and calculate the balance due.

Bonus – if you’ve configured a credit card processor for client payments, you’ll be able to charge a card during checkout.

If you haven’t setup client payments or prefer to use another merchant service or external POS, you can still record the payment without actually charging the card in Full Slate. To check out this new feature, go to your “Schedule” tab in Full Slate, open an existing appointment, and click the register icon.


At this time, you must have a QuickBooks Online account and have the QuickBooks sync turned on within your Full Slate account to use the checkout feature. If you have a QuickBooks account but have not set up sync, simply go to Setup > QuickBooks Sync and click the “Connect to QuickBooks” button.

If you do not have a QuickBooks account, click HERE to learn more and set up a free 30-day trial.

For many common questions on the new “Checkout” feature, please take a look at our Help Center. If you have any additional questions or trouble, feel free to reach out to support by clicking on the “Support” link in your Full Slate account. We’re happy to help!

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Limit Provider and Service Options

You can now limit the provider and service options available to clients when they schedule appointments online.

You can choose to not show providers during the booking process and instead automatically assign the appointment to a provider with the selected opening. This works well if your providers are not known to clients or if you use the provider fields to represent non-staff resources.Limit Services Providers

You can also choose to not let clients book multiple services on a single booking. By default, clients can select more than one service when they schedule an appointment. Now, if you want to let clients only book one service on each appointment, you can.

And you can now remove the option to schedule another appointment at the end of the booking process. The default booking workflow includes a link on the “success” page to “schedule another” appointment, which lets clients schedule multiple appointments with ease. But if you don’t want to encourage clients to book more than one appointment, you can now remove this link.

To turn on any of these new limits, go to the bottom of the Setup > Booking Details page.

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