Sell Packages and Track Usage

You can now sell packages online using Full Slate! Give clients a discount for buying multiple services in advance and then track usage against each purchased package.Packages landing page

Clients can buy packages on your landing page, website or Facebook page. They can even buy one as a gift and email the package voucher to the recipient.

To set up packages, go to Setup > Gifts & Packages and click ‘Add package’. Give the package a name, assign a service to it, and set the price and number of services. If you haven’t already, enable client payments under Setup > Client Payments; you can still sell packages on your landing page even if you don’t want clients to be able to pay for appointments at the time of booking.

A redemption code is issued with each package, which clients can enter when booking online; this automatically reduces the number of appointments left on the package. Also, under the Sales tab, you can create new package vouchers and decrement the number of services left on a package.Packages tracking3

Usage on each package is tracked under the Sales tab, as well as under each client record under Clients > Details so you’ll always know how many services are left on each package.

Please note that packages are part of Gifts & Packages (along with Gift Certificates), which costs $5/mo, but you can try Gifts & Packages free for 30 days.  Even if you drop the Gifts & Packages add-on and stop selling certificates and packages through Full Slate, you will still be able to use the Sales tab to redeem any outstanding vouchers.

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Tracking Gift Certificate Redemption

GiftIf you sold some gift certificates over the holidays, you’re probably wondering how to keep track of which ones have been redeemed.  That’s exactly what the new Sales tab is for!  You can view all your vouchers, look up redemption codes, and adjust the balance of gift certificates on the Sales tab.

All of the gift certificates sold through Full Slate are listed under Sales > Gift Certificates.  You can also import redemption codes from other systems so clients can redeem gift certificates purchased elsewhere through your online scheduler.redemption code in online scheduler

There’s a place to enter the redemption code in the booking form, so clients can use gift certificates to pay when scheduling online.  Full Slate checks the balance on the redemption code and automatically deducts the price of the service(s) scheduled.

You can manually adjust the balance on a gift certificate, too, if a client presents it in person or wants to apply it to an offline purchase.  Simply go to Sales > Certificates, click on the redemption code and enter the amount.  Full Slate calculates the current balance left on each voucher and shows the history of credits/debits applied.

You can look up gift certificates by code, from/to name or email on the Sales tab, and print copies or export the whole list as a download file for your records.   Plus, you can issue redemption codes for individual vouchers you give out offline; let Full Slate generate a random code for you or come up with your own unique convention.

Please note that in order to add redemption codes, you must enable Gift Certificates.  This add-on costs $5/mo, but you can try Gift Certificates free for 30 days.  Even if you drop the add-on and stop selling gift certificates through Full Slate, you will still be able to use the Sales tab to redeem any outstanding vouchers.

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