See Past Dates on Full Slate Mobile

You can now view and book events on dates in the past on Full Slate Mobile.

If you scroll up on the ‘Schedule’ tab just slightly, you’ll see a ‘Load earlier dates’ button. Tapping this button will load a week at a time.

If you want to jump farther back into the past, you can select the ‘calendar’ icon in the top-left of the ‘Schedule’ tab, then go to the month¬†and select the date you wish to load. The schedule will then¬†refresh to this date.

If you need to make an update to a past event, check on any details, or even log a historical event, you can now do so right from Full Slate Mobile, accessible at


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Past & Upcoming Appointments on Mobile

You can now view a client’s past and upcoming appointments on your mobile phone. Do clients occasionally call to find out when their next appointment is? Do you need to know details from a client’s last appointment in order to book their next one?

No more scanning endlessly through your busy calendar. Now you can quickly find the information you need to answer client questions and book their next appointment.

To view past and upcoming appointments on your iPhone or Android, click on the Clients tab, select the client you need and you’ll find all their upcoming and past appointments at the bottom of their client details page. Click on an appointment for notes and other details.

For more on Full Slate Mobile, click here.

Now it’s even easier to stay on top of your schedule on the go!

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