See Past Dates on Full Slate Mobile

You can now view and book events on dates in the past on Full Slate Mobile.

If you scroll up on the ‘Schedule’ tab just slightly, you’ll see a ‘Load earlier dates’ button. Tapping this button will load a week at a time.

If you want to jump farther back into the past, you can select the ‘calendar’ icon in the top-left of the ‘Schedule’ tab, then go to the month and select the date you wish to load. The schedule will then refresh to this date.

If you need to make an update to a past event, check on any details, or even log a historical event, you can now do so right from Full Slate Mobile, accessible at


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Client Payments Now Displayed on Full Slate Mobile

Now you can see on your phone if clients have paid for appointments and classes.  Under price, we’ll add up any payments made by credit card, gift certificate or package, and Checkout to show the total amount a client has paid.

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This can be especially handy when you meet with your client(s).  Knowing about any deposits, online payments or vouchers lets you quickly determine how much you need to collect at the time of service. We hope this enhancement to our mobile site makes it easier to run your business while you’re on the go or don’t have access to a tablet or computer.

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Conflict Alerts Now Available on Mobile

Conflict alerts are now available when accessing Full Slate on your mobile device to help avoid inadvertent double-bookings.

Whether you’re scheduling an appointment, class, or personal event on mobile, Full Slate will display a conflict report that shows up prior to scheduling the event. Just select the day/time of the event, and if there is a conflict they will be displayed in the ‘Conflicts’ section, as shown below. If there is no conflict, ‘None’ will be displayed.

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This is the second of a series of improvements you can expect to our mobile optimized site at – more to come!

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Skip to a Future Date on Mobile

It’s now easy to skip to a future date on your schedule when using Full Slate on your mobile phone. If you have a busy schedule, you no longer need to scroll endlessly to get to the date you need, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

To skip forward, click on the ‘calendar’ icon in the top left of the ‘Schedule’ tab.


This will open up a date selector, where you can choose the specific date to which you want to jump. Even better: at the end of a session, if your client wants to schedule their next appointment four weeks out, just click the number “4” to jump to four weeks from today on your schedule. No need to count with your fingers and toes; with a single click, you can be confident you’re on the week you want.

Image 1

Please note the ‘Show Availabilities’ setting has been moved to the top right of the ‘Schedule’ tab, next to the ‘Add Appointment’ button.

This is the first of a series of improvements you can expect to our mobile optimized site – more to come!

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Mobile Makeover

Managing your schedule from your cell phone just got better – and a whole lot prettier! If you haven’t seen the new look of the mobile version of Full Slate, check it out now at on your iPhone or Android!

You’ll find a cleaner, more streamlined schedule tab that makes it easy to check your schedule on the go and quickly book appointments.

If you like a more compact “Agenda” view, you can hide the extra rows highlighting gaps between appointments.  Just click the menu icon (looks like three horizontal lines) at the top-left corner of the Schedule tab to hide or show available windows.  You can still add a new appointment by clicking the “Plus” sign in the upper right.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 1.08.01 PMIt’s also easier to get in touch using new text, email and phone icons on each client’s profile. If you run a mobile business, you can even pull up a map of your client’s address with one touch of the map icon.

You can view other custom fields too.  If you ask special questions on your booking form, you’ll find the client’s answers in the appointment details.  Just tap an appointment to see all the information filled out.

And that’s not all – there’s lots more enhancements to the mobile site coming this summer.

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Past & Upcoming Appointments on Mobile

You can now view a client’s past and upcoming appointments on your mobile phone. Do clients occasionally call to find out when their next appointment is? Do you need to know details from a client’s last appointment in order to book their next one?

No more scanning endlessly through your busy calendar. Now you can quickly find the information you need to answer client questions and book their next appointment.

To view past and upcoming appointments on your iPhone or Android, click on the Clients tab, select the client you need and you’ll find all their upcoming and past appointments at the bottom of their client details page. Click on an appointment for notes and other details.

For more on Full Slate Mobile, click here.

Now it’s even easier to stay on top of your schedule on the go!

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Find Openings on Mobile with Ease

You can easily find openings for a selected service when scheduling appointments on your mobile phone. You know the scenario: A client calls when you’re away from your computer and wants to know what times you have available. Now you can see at a glance all your openings for the service your client wants and know with confidence you can book it without disrupting your schedule.

To use the ‘Find Openings’ feature on Full Slate Mobile, go to the Schedule tab on your iPhone or Android and press ‘+’ for a new appointment. Select the desired service and press ‘Find Opening’. Just like that, you have a list of all the openings that meet the duration, setup/cleanup time and other booking parameters you’ve set. Select the opening that works best for the client and you’re done!

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