Connect to QuickBooks

Now you can connect your existing Full Slate account to QuickBooks to sync client contact information.  In the past, this capability was only available to businesses who created and accessed their Full Slate accounts through Intuit App Center.  Now, any business using Full Slate can connect to QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks for Windows (2009 or later, US only) through Intuit Anywhere.

Just go to Clients > List and click the “Import & Sync” button, then follow the prompts to authorize Full Slate to access your QuickBooks data.  Once connected, clients created in Full Slate will appear in QuickBooks and vice versa.  Plus any updates to contact info like name, email, phone, and address will be automatically synchronized – so no more double data entry!

Unlike most features in Full Slate, the integration with QuickBooks is an add-on that costs a little extra. Intuit charges $5/month to connect to QuickBooks, so we have to pass this charge on to cover our costs.  But hopefully it’s a small price to pay for the convenience and time savings.

For more information and detailed instructions on connecting to QuickBooks, see our online manual.

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