Downloading Custom Booking Field Answers

A small but great change has been made to the Export Appointment Data feature of Full Slate! Now the custom booking field answers are included in the download.

Full Slate offers a feature that allows you to export your appointment history as a .csv file. You can then edit and filter this document in a program like Excel. Just go to Schedule –> More –> Sync, Import & Export –> Export Appointments –> Download .csv file, enter in the time range you want to export and select from which schedule.

If you would like to include canceled appointments, make sure the box is checked next to Include canceled appointments.

The system will automatically download the document and title it events.csv

Various columns will provide detailed appointment and client information such as the appointment date, start and stop time, Client, Service, Provider, Created by, Notes, etc

You can also view the answers to any Custom Booking Fields you may have set up.  Please note that this only applies to one on one appointments and not available in classes at this time. 

For more on Custom Booking Details please see Custom Booking Fields

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