Stay in Control of Your Schedule

A question we sometimes hear from customers is “If I let clients book appointments online, will I be able to maintain control of my schedule?” We believe it is critical that you keep a firm grip on your most valuable asset–your time–while garnering the benefits of online scheduling. That’s why we designed many ways for you to stay in control of your schedule with Full Slate:maintaincontrol

  • Accept/Decline.  You can choose to accept or decline each appointment booked online before it is ever placed on your schedule. And if you choose to decline it, we make it easy to send an email notification to the person who made the booking.
  • Set Availability. For each provider in your business, you establish which hours are available for booking and clients cannot book appointments outside of that availability.
  • Require Advance Notice. You can choose how much advance notice to require for appointments booked online by clients. For example, you can choose to limit clients from booking appointments during the current day.
  • Require Client Contact Info. You can require a client, before they book an appointment, to provide their phone number, email address or both. And you can verify that the email address is real. This allows you to reach out to the client before you accept the appointment or to make changes prior to the service date as necessary.
  • New Appointment Notifications. You can choose to be notified of new appointments booked online. You can choose to be immediately notified by email or by text message on your mobile phone, or you can choose to simply receive an email message at the end of the day.

So worry not; there are many ways you can customize your Full Slate experience and stay in control of your schedule.

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