Starting Out

Great story to share about one of our beta customers – Malinda Newstrom (

Undaunted by the current economic environment, Malinda recently decided to start an in-your-home massage practice. Having already completed massage school, she focused on a Open for Businesskey issue that many local service providers face: ‘how do I build a solid base of recurring clients?’

Malinda started out with a stack of flyers and some guerilla tactics. She networked, strategically placed flyers, and got a blurb in the local school newsletter. These landed her a few customers, but she needed more. When I approached her about becoming a Full Slate beta customer, she hesitated (“I’m not very technical”), but decided to give it a try. She was quickly up-and-running… and hasn’t looked back since.

Malinda recently published an inexpensive ad in a popular blog that covers her neighborhood. She offered a discount for first time customers. As a new sponsor, the blog wrote a brief post about her and included a link to book an appointment. Within the first 12 hours she had 4 newly booked appointments and a handful of inquiries. And more have come in since.

With growing awareness in her local community, Malinda is focused on delivering outstanding service to her customers and building her business through referrals and a loyal base of recurring customers – things that every local service provider should be focused on.

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