New Feature: Clients Can Make Appointment Changes Online

Your clients can now make appointment changes, within parameters set by you, without having to pick up the phone and call you. Clients can make changes a couple of ways:

1) Each time they book an appointment, they receive an appointment confirmation email if their email address is on file. That confirmation email will include a link to modify the appointment, providing them an easy way to make changes if their schedule later changes.

2) Clients that register with Full Slate can log in, see their upcoming and past appointments, and make changes from there.

You’ll be notified of canceled appointments the same way you’re notified of new appointments. And you can control how much advance notice your clients must provide: under Booking Rules, select from one-hour advance notice to two weeks. Or you can choose to disallow client appointment changes altogether.

Enabling your clients to make appointment changes online is another way to save you and your clients time be eliminating back-and-forth phone calls and voicemail tag.

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