Customize How Services Are Presented to Your Clients

You now have much greater control over how the services your business performs are presented to clients.

For starters, you can manage the order in which services are listed on your landing page. Simply visit Services under your Company tab and, from the list of services, drag and drop them into the order you desire. Your services will then be presented to clients in that order when they book an appointment.

And further, you can now categorize your services to make it easier for your clients to find the service they want. As a hairstylist, you might categorize your services into ‘Haircuts’, ‘Foils’ and ‘Coloring’. As a massage therapist, you could categorize by modality. And as an esthetician, you might use categories for ‘Facials’, ‘Nail Care’ and ‘Sugaring’. This feature is entirely customizable so you can present your services in whatever way best meets the needs of your business.

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