Two Tips for Mass Email Marketing

Since clients typically provide an email address when scheduling online, chances are you already have a sizable mailing list.  Email marketing to existing clients is a great way to drive repeat business – just be careful not to abuse it.


Ask your clients if they want to receive promotional emails from you. This sounds pretty basic, but it helps ensure your messages are welcome. And it’s easy to do – you can add an “Opt-in” checkbox to your online scheduling form under Setup > Booking Details (just don’t make it required). Email marketing opt-inOr you can ask for permission in person at the end of an appointment and check the box yourself under Clients > Details. Then before you send a mass email from Clients > List or export your mailing list, filter to “Opt-in only.”

Small Batches

To safeguard against spam, Full Slate limits the number of recipients on a bulk email to 500. If your opt-in list is larger than that, you can still send to the entire list by breaking it down into smaller batches. To select a range of records in your Clients > List, click one at the top then hold down “shift” and click another at the bottom; all the records in between will be selected.

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