Check Out the New Multi-Provider View

If you have two or more providers in your business, we encourage to check out some cool new stuff on your Full Slate schedule. Now you can see the schedules of all staff members in your business, side-by-side in a simple columnar view. Check it out by going to the Schedule tab and unchecking the new button in the upper-right of your screen, titled “Collapse days”. As before, you can still select and de-select the staff schedules you want to see by checking or unchecking their names at the left of the screen.

Maybe most importantly, you can now clearly see the availability of each provider in your business. Available hours–as defined under Staff on the Company tab–are in white, while unavailable hours are clearly denoted in gray.

For those of you who are booking appointments for more than one service provider and need to see availability across all schedules at a glance, this is probably the view for you. But, if you prefer the old view, just click “Collapse days” and you’ll be back to the overlapping format.

Full Slate - Schedule

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