Helping small businesses grow – Intuit

A few of us here at Full Slate had the opportunity to attend ‘Entrepreneur Day’ at Intuit’s Mountain View, CA campus earlier this week.  Across the board, we were impressed with Intuit’s commitment to small businesses.Intuit logo

I think most people associate Intuit with ‘back-office’ functions such as accounting, taxes, payroll, payments, etc.  Intuit clearly offers valuable products to help small businesses with these functions.  The Entrepreneur Day events helped us realize that Intuit aspires to solve the biggest problems faced by small businesses.  Based on recent research, Intuit believes that the biggest challenge most small businesses currently face is growth – finding new customers and increasing revenue from existing customers.  Intuit is taking several steps to offer new or enhanced products and services that help small businesses address this challenge.

Entrepreneur Day also demonstrated Intuit’s commitment to new technologies and services – including online appointment booking – and their desire to find innovative partners that can help Intuit help small businesses.

We were impressed by what we saw.  You may want to check them out and judge for yourself.

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