Different Email Templates for Different Services

Ever want to send different messaging or instructions to clients based on the service they scheduled?  Now you can with service-specific automated emails.  When adding or editing an automated message (under Messages > Automatic Messages), you can specify which services you want the message to apply, as well as which message template to use and at what time interval.

There are a number of great uses of this feature:

  • Provide different instructions to new clients by creating a service (or services) just for new clients
  • Remind clients what to bring to appointments for specific services
  • Establish a different time interval for reminder or followup messages, based on the scheduled service

This is another example of a feature resulting directly from customer feedback.  Keep those ideas coming!

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8 comments on “Different Email Templates for Different Services
  1. Kat says:

    I am a little confused on this. So what if I have 4 clients with different services that day and my booking is scheduled to send them a reminder email one day prior to the appointment. Do I have to go and change the automatic email for each of them or will the system realize that they have different services and send them the template reminder for that service? What at the “All” or “None” buttons for?

    • Patrick says:

      Hi Kat – The new feature will send the appropriate message based on which service the client has scheduled. For example, if you want to send one confirmation email message to new clients and a different one for existing clients, you could create two ‘Appointment confirmation’ automated messages. The first could use a template you create for new clients and only be sent when clients schedule, for example, an ‘Introductory Massage’ or a ‘New Client Special’. The second could use a standard template and be used when clients schedule any other service.

      The ‘All’ or ‘None’ options are used to select services from your list of offered services. If you want an automated message to apply to all services, select ‘All’. If you’d like to clear the selected list of services and instead select 1 or 2 services, click ‘None’, then select the desired services.

      I hope this helps. Let us know if you have additional questions. Thanks!

  2. Hi guys, love the slew of new and extremely useful features, especially stripe.com integration and service dependent emails. You’re leaving your competitors in the dust! Have I told you that I love you?

  3. Matt Hsu says:

    This is awesome. Thanks Full Slate! I’ve been waiting for this feature with baited breath. Thanks for providing such clean and professional booking experiences for our clients!

  4. I like this new option and am looking forward to applying this to my site. One thing I’ve been hoping to see is an option on the mobile site to mark a client no show and then send them the appropriate message. Currently when this happens (which is fortunately not often) myemployees have to call/text me and I have to wait to get to my computer to mark and message the client.

  5. netgrrl2 says:

    Can you send a different SMS depending on the service provider? We have consultants at different locations and would like to include the addresss..

    • Patrick says:

      Hi Jane – You could do this if the selected service was unique to the provider. For example, you could have a service ’90 minute massage with Sue’ that only ‘Sue’ performs, and have an automated reminder just for that service (or others performed by Sue). I hope that helps.

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