Notice Regarding Yahoo Email Addresses

If you use a Yahoo email address on your Full Slate account, please read this important notice.

Yahoo recently changed their “dmarc” policies such that they block messages that are sent with a Yahoo email address used as a “reply to” email. When Full Slate sends emails, they are sent from, but in certain circumstances we set your email address as the “reply to” address. Yahoo is now blocking this, which means your confirmations, reminders and other emails will not reach clients.

To address this, go to Setup > Company and either remove the Yahoo email address (in which case the system will send emails from, or change it to a non-Yahoo email address. If you leave it blank, and you also use a Yahoo email address for your user profile (i.e. the email address you use to login), then you’ll also need to change this email to a non-Yahoo address so that manual emails sent through the system will be delivered to clients, which you can do under Account > My Profile.

For more on how automatic and manual emails are delivered, please click here.

Sorry for the trouble; we wish we could offer a way to continue using your Yahoo email, but this new protocol is controlled by Yahoo, not Full Slate.

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The New Help Center

Introducing the new Full Slate Help Center!

We recently upgraded our help content to be more comprehensive, organized and searchable. Now many of the questions you may have about using Full Slate are at your fingertips.

Just click the ‘help’ link in the upper-right corner of your Full Slate account to access the Help Center. You can even bookmark so it’s always readily available.

If you don’t find your answer there, don’t worry; nothing has changed with our world-class customer support. You can still call, email or chat with us, as detailed here!

Help Center

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Restrict Staff from Making Changes

You can now restrict a staff member from making changes in your Full Slate account. Do you have an employee who needs access to Full Slate but is not authorized to book or modify appointments or edit client details? Now you can provide them with access to your Full Slate account without giving them the ability to make modifications.

You can choose to provide an employee access to all staff schedules or only to their own schedule, while restricting their ability to make changes.

Cannot Make ChangesTo restrict an employee from making changes, add them as a provider under Setup > Staff and select “Yes, to all schedules, cannot make changes” or “Yes, to own schedule, cannot make changes” under the “Allow this staff member to log into Full Slate?” setting. Then click ‘send invitation’ to invite them to access your account.

For further details on staff access levels, please click here.

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Stripe for Canadian & UK Businesses

Canadian and UK businesses can now use Stripe to process client payments. Stripe is a great way to accept payments from clients when they book online, and it’s now available to businesses in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

StripeTo set up Stripe as your payment processor, go to Setup > Client Payments in your Full Slate account. There, you’ll find a link to Stripe where you can set up your Stripe account.

For more on Full Slate’s client payments offering, please click here.

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New Client Fields: Source & Referrer

You can track how clients find your business using new ‘Source’ and ‘Referrer’ fields.

Under Clients > Details, each client record now includes ‘Source’ and ‘Referrer’ fields that allow you to record where the client heard about you. If a new client was referred by a colleague or other client, you can record this in the ‘Referrer’ field in Source Referrerorder to ensure you thank them later. And if a client found you on Yelp or saw your flyer at the local coffee shop, you can record that in the ‘Source’ field.

Both are basic text fields, giving you the flexibility to capture anything you want.

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New Placeholders: Provider Phone & Email

Now you can automatically include the provider’s phone or email address in message templates. We recently added the following placeholders:

  • {provider phone}New Placeholders
  • {provider email}

These placeholders can be particularly useful if you have multiple providers that travel to meet clients at their home or business. By including the provider’s contact information in confirmation and reminder emails, you can ensure clients can reach the provider at the last minute when necessary.

These placeholders are appointment-specific and therefore only work on appointment-related templates, such as confirmations, reminders and followups.

For more information regarding email placeholders, check out the Help Center placeholders page.

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Include More Information in Email Alerts

You can now include in your email alerts information provided by clients when they book and cancel appointments online.

If you have added custom booking fields under Setup > Booking Details, you can choose to include client answers in the email alerts you receive each time a client books online. This is a great way to know when a client has made a special request or supplied information critical to providing the service. Just be sure to consider your clients’ confidentiality when deciding whether to include this information in your email alerts. Of course, you can still access this information on appointment details on the Schedule tab.

More_Info_AlertsYou can also choose to include in your email alerts any notes written by a client when they cancel an appointment online. With this information, you’ll know if you need to follow up with your client right away or otherwise take action.

By default, answers to custom booking fields and cancelation notes are not included in email alerts. To start, go to Messages > Alerts and check the boxes at the bottom of the page.

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