Managing Appointments Times to Meet New Challenges

While businesses are reopening, many are looking at adjusting their practice to allow for proper social distancing and sanitation practices. One feature on Full Slate that can help with this is our Setup and Cleanup Times.

This feature can be found under Setup> Services.
If you want to build a buffer between appointments or classes, click to add setup/cleanup time. This feature will automatically block extra time before and/or after this service or class, so clients can’t schedule back-to-back.
We generally recommend using cleanup times only; that makes it easy to avoid nonworking gaps between appointments when the cleanup time for one appointment is added to the setup time for the next meeting.
For example, say you have a service that takes an hour and 30 minutes to set up and 30 minutes to clean up. If you’re available starting at 9 am, the first start time Full Slate would offer to clients is 9:30. That gives you a half-hour to set up from 9-9:30. Afterward, another half-hour would be reserved for cleanup, so whatever is next couldn’t start until after 11 am. If you provide services on location, you can also use Setup and cleanup to factor in drive time before and after an appointment.
Note that Setup and cleanup time don’t appear on the ‘Schedule’ tab; they leave a gap between appointments. You (or your staff) can override these settings if you want and book back-to-back appointments, but Full Slate builds in the buffer when clients self-schedule online or click ‘New appointment’ above the calendar.

More on configuring your schedule can be found

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