Thank you, beta customers!

This is a test...
This is a (beta) test...

As we near the end of our private beta program, we wanted to say to our beta customers “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

The private beta was exceedingly valuable to us…but, first, a little background. After working on our product since earlier in the year, we kicked off the private beta in early November. Our objectives were simple: to obtain candid feedback from real, live local service providers on the features, usability and design of the product and to identify any bugs that may have slipped through our own testing.

But most importantly: we deliberately limited the number of beta customers in the program; we only looked for volunteers right here in Seattle; and we immediately addressed customer requests and then followed-up with them to ensure we had in fact met their needs.

As a result, we worked with our beta customers one-on-one and face-to-face. In most cases, we visited them at their business location and watched over their shoulders as they worked with Full Slate while meeting the continuous demands of their business. (On one occasion, I remained loyally at my beta customer’s side, valiantly fighting the urge to pet a curious shitzu watching us from a nearby grooming table!) The feedback each of our beta customers provided was invaluable.

We plan to end the private beta program within the next few weeks and launch Full Slate to everyone. So again, many thanks to our private beta customers…Full Slate is better because of you!

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