Getting The Most Out Of Daily Deals

Daily deals aren’t for every business owner, but for those who decide to give daily deals a try, it’s important to do as much as possible to increase your return on investment and minimize disruption to your business.  Full Slate can help.  Here’s how:

  • Save time – Depending on the number of offers/vouchers you sell, you could spend hours – even days – answering phones to schedule (or reschedule) new customers.  That’s time you might otherwise spend serving other customers or managing your business.  Online scheduling can reduce that significantly – or eliminate it entirely if you require deal buyers to schedule online.
  • Enable add-on purchases – Full Slate allows clients to schedule multiple services and/or add-ons in a single appointment.  Each full-price add-on helps off-set the initial discount and make the customer more profitable.
  • Capture contact information – Not all daily deal sites provide businesses with the email address of customers who purchase vouchers and few of them share telephone numbers.  You can require one or both of these items in Full Slate, enabling you to communicate with customers before or after their appointment.
  • Encourage return visits – The best way to increase your return on a daily deal offer is to turn those ‘one-and-done’ customers into repeat customers.  With Full Slate’s automated follow-up messages, you can check-in with a customer days after their appointment (“how was your service?”), then a few weeks later encourage them to come back (“time to schedule your next appointment?”).
  • Reduce impact on your existing customers – Many businesses worry that daily deals will damage relationships with existing customers by making it more difficult for them to schedule appointments.  Full Slate allows you to control when daily deal customers can schedule by limiting days or hours that voucher services can be scheduled.  You can also assign vouchers to specific staff members (perhaps a new staff member who is trying to build his/her clientele).
Here’s a brief ‘case study’ of a Full Slate customer who has run several daily deals:
Rob Albiston runs a chain of laser teeth whitening clinics throughout the US.  Before using Full Slate, Rob ran an offer for his Denver location that sold over 400 vouchers.  All of the appointment requests came in over the phone.  “The phone was ringing constantly while I had clients in the chair.”  That’s when he decided he needed online scheduling.

A few months later, he ran another deal to launch his newest location in Washington, DC.  This time, the offer indicated that clients had to schedule online.  In 3 days, he sold over 1,400 vouchers.  A day after the deal closed, he had over 380 appointments scheduled and had only taken 4 phone calls.  He called to tell us “Full Slate is saving my life!”

We’ve had numerous Full Slate customers find success with daily deals.  Feel free to contact us to help you make the most of your daily deal.

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