Mark Multiple Clients as Inactive

Have too many clients in your list and want to hide some of the old ones? You’re in luck; now you can mark mark multiple clients as inactive without have to go to each individual record.

Start from Clients > List and select the names you want.  Remember, you can select a range of records by clicking one at the top, holding down “shift” and then clicking another at the bottom; all the records in between will be selected.  Then click the “Mark Inactive” button.


Inactive clients are hidden by default.  If you want to see them again, click the “Filter” icon at the top of the list and then under “Viewing clients that are” uncheck the box for “Active only.”

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3 thoughts on “Mark Multiple Clients as Inactive

  1. thanks! this is great… I was just thinking about how nice it would be to more easily find my current clients……
    now if only you could make it so we could ‘dut and paste’ from goggle or word, then life would be great.

  2. It would be helpful if there was a way to search for clients that haven’t scheduled an appointment in a while so that we can go through and mark them as inactive.

  3. it would be really nice to have a reschedule button to make it easier and quicker to reschedule a client for future appointments when closing out there current session

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