Your Clients Want to Schedule Online

Recent studies found that 7 in 10 people want to schedule appointments with their service providers online. Moreover, one of those studies found that enthusiasm was highest in people who had actually booked appointments online.chocolate

These studies included the Deloitte 2008 Survey of Healthcare Consumers, which found that 72% of consumers want online scheduling, and the Perspectives of Patients Before and After Using a Web-Based Portal study, which demonstrated that 67% of people who had not yet used online scheduling wanted it and 72% of people who had used online scheduling wanted it. This latter study is significant for its validation of the broad desire for online scheduling and in its demonstration that people want to schedule online even more after trying it.

To place proper emphasis on this, it bears pointing out that people are more likely to crave online scheduling than chocolate (yes, I looked this up, see the chocolate cravings article here). I know, I know…in a head-to-head matchup online scheduling might not fare so well against chocolate. But to make your clients happy and to attract new clients, we recommend you offer them online scheduling!

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