With Custom Fields, You Can Ask Clients for All the Information You Need

As part of a batch of new features just released, we added some great new functionality. You can now request from your clients any information you need to serve them best.

When a client books an appointment with you online, the default functionality asks the client to include their name, email address and phone number (and you can decide whether email or custom-fieldsphone number or both are required). But now, you can create custom fields to request any other information you want.

For example, a personal trainer may want to request the client’s age and gender. A pet groomer may want to request the name and breed of the client’s dog. A message therapist may want to request the client’s special needs or preferences. And any service provider may want to request a promotional code or the client’s physical address.

Because your needs are likely to be unique, we designed the fields to be fully-customizable by you. You can define simple text fields, include multiple choice, add check boxes, or simply include a ‘notes’ field so your client can write anything they want. You can also make any field a required field so that your client must fill it out. And of course, all information entered by your client will be captured and included in your schedule with their booked appointment.

This feature was requested by a couple of our beta customers; we love this feature and hope you do too!

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