Tip: Separate Accounts in the Same Salon? Let Your Colleagues Set Appointments for You

Do you have your own Full Slate account as a sole practitioner in a ‘lease’ salon, spa or clinic? Often wish your colleagues could easily make appointments directly onto your schedule? (The phone always rings most when you’re busy with clients, right?) If your colleague is also a Full Slate user, there’s a slick way they can check your availability and set appointments for you directly onto your schedule. And, of course, your colleague can provide you the same access to his or her Full Slate schedule. It’s easy to set up:

1) Go to your Company > Staff tab and create an account for the colleague to whom you want to provide access.

2) We recommend the following settings for the new “staff” member: a) performs “no services” and b) role is “schedule manager”.  This will limit your colleague’s rights in your account to booking appointments.

3) Important: use the same email address that your colleague uses for his or her own Full Slate account.

4) Invite your colleague to access your account by clicking “Send invitation”.

5) Once your colleague accepts the invitation, they will then see a drop-down menu at the top-right of their Full Slate application where they can easily toggle between their account and your account.

Letting your colleagues book appointments for you won’t cost you more to use Full Slate (to ensure this, be sure to set the new staff account to perform “no services”), so go ahead and give it a try.

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