See It Your Way

There’s a lot of ways to view your schedule in Full Slate. You will find these options on the ‘Schedule’ tab under the ‘More’ menu in the upper right. Here’s a quick rundown of the different options you can take advantage of:

  • Color coding – You can choose from 16 different colors to color-code your schedule by provider (which is the default) or by service. More on that here.
  • Zoom – If many of your appointments are shorter than 30 minutes in length, you’ll love the ability to see your schedule in a larger format. On appointments as short as 5 minutes, you’ll be able to see the client, service, start and end time without opening it. More about the zoom feature here.
  • Hide empty columns – Only work a few days a week or only want to see days in your view where you have events scheduled? Then this is the option for you. We’ll hide the columns for the days when you don’t have any events scheduled. For example, if you work from Tuesday-Saturday every week, you can ‘Hide empty columns’ so that the schedule only displays from Tuesday-Saturday.
  • Hide client names  Do clients sometimes look over your shoulder when you’re scheduling their next appointment? You can ensure client privacy by hiding client names on your Schedule tab. More on that here.
  • Full screen – Exactly what it sounds like. You can view your schedule in full screen mode. This is great if you want to avoid all of the other distractions on your screen. It’s also a bit easier on the eyes.
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Hide Empty Columns on the Calendar

hide-empty-columnsThere’s a new option on the Schedule tab under the “More” menu to “Hide empty columns.”  When checked, this maximizes the screen space devoted to days and staff that actually have appointments or availability.

So you can see just work days, no matter if they don’t happen to be Monday through Friday — or even consecutive!  Just set the view to “Week” and any days when you don’t work are automatically hidden so they don’t take up extra space on your schedule.

You can use “Hide empty columns” with multiple staff in separate columns, too. Then only staff with availability or appointments will show on the schedule, and anyone with the day off will be hidden.  As you move forward or back in time, the staff who are scheduled to work on those days will appear automatically.

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Skip Ahead Weeks At a Time

Now you can fast forward on your schedule weeks at a time with a single click.

Say at the end of a session, your client wants to schedule their next appointment four weeks out.  Just click the number “4” to jump to four weeks from today on your schedule.  No need to count or calculate – with a single click, you can be confident you’re on the week you want.

Just as importantly, this new timeline tells you what week you’re viewing by highlighting the number of weeks out you are, so it’s easy to stay oriented in time.

You’ll find the fast forward feature just below the mini month calendar on the left side of your schedule. Oh, and we moved the “Today” button there too since it goes hand-in-hand with the timeline.

Happy skipping!

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'Add' Button Reveals Openings

Did you know you can use the ‘Add’ button on the Schedule tab to expose time slots clients see?

Yep, if you click ‘Add’ above the calendar and select a service, available time slots will appear on your calendar which you can click to book an appointment. These are the same time slots that will be presented to clients on your website, landing page or Facebook. All your key settings are considered, including service duration, setup & cleanup times, fixed start times (established under Appointment Times) and optimization settings. Openings inside your advance notice window will be presented (even though they are of course not presented to clients).

So if you want to quickly view the openings your clients are seeing, no need to navigate to your website or landing page, just pull it up right there on your Schedule tab!

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Keyboard Shortcut for Your Schedule

Did you know you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move around in your Full Slate schedule?

Yep, if you want to go forward in time on the Schedule tab, use your “right” arrow. If you want to go back in time, use your “left” arrow. If you’re on the week or weekday view, you’ll move to the next week, and if you’re on the day view, you’ll move to the next day.

So no need to point your cursor at the small arrows above the calendar, which is especially handy when you want to arrow forward or backward many weeks.

If you love shortcuts, you might also check out this blog post about a quick method for entering a new client right on the Schedule tab.

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