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Click to download printoutYou can now sell gift certificates online using Full Slate!  Clients can go to your landing page, choose an amount, pay via credit card, and then email or print a professional gift certificate for friends or family.

Tis the time for giving! So for the month of December, you can sell gift certificates online for FREE.  This is a limited time, introductory special – starting in 2013, this add-on feature will cost a flat $5/mo.  But we’re not charging anything for gift certificates for the rest of the year.  Happy holidays!

Note that you have to have client payments setup using Stripe, or PayPal to sell gift certificate online, and that their standard fees for credit card processing apply.  Full Slate will not, however, charge any additional fees per order, and clients will continue to be able to redeem gift certificates sold through Full Slate even if you stop selling them (and no longer pay for the add-on).

Here’s how to set it up: First, go to Setup > Client Payments to enable credit card payments online.  You can still sell gift certificates on your landing page even if you don’t want clients to be able to pay for appointments at the time of booking.  Next, go to Setup > Gift Certificates and add whatever denominations you like.  If you want to be notified when someone buys a gift certificate online, change the last option under Messages > Alerts.

When someone buys or receives a gift certificate, you’ll see an entry in sidebar of Clients > Details noting the amount and redemption code (in case you need to look it up).  Screen Shot 2012-12-03 at 12.10.56 PMThere’s a place to enter the redemption code on the booking form so clients can pay with a gift certificate online, and you can see the remaining balance under Clients > Details, as well.

More bells and whistles to come!  We wanted to get this feature out in time for the shopping season, so we kept it simple to start.  As always, let us know what you think and what’s most important to your business!

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