Real-time, Two-way Sync with Google Calendar

Now you can synchronize your schedule with Google Calendar™ in real-time.  We heard some reports that subscribed calendars were not updating fast enough, so now you can setup a direct connection between Full Slate and Google Calendar for instantaneous updates.

Better yet, you can choose two-way sync to AND from Google Calendar, or one-way sync in either direction.  Want to make, change and cancel appointments in either application?  Two-way sync is for you!  Rather keep your personal and professional calendars separate but still see everything in one place?  Then go with one-way sync.

Our online manual has step-by-step directions on how to setup calendar sync.  If you need help, have questions or think something is not working the way it should, email us at [email protected].

One more thing – Full Slate is now available in the Google Apps Marketplace™, and if you like the new two-way sync and other Full Slate features, we could really use some rave reviews!

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