Let Clients Choose 'No Preference' on Provider

Now you can let clients specify ‘no preference’ on the provider when they schedule appointments with you, even under the ‘provider before service’ scheduling workflow. Previously, when you chose to have clients select the provider and then the service, clients had to choose a provider in order to schedule an appointment. Now, you can let them select ‘no preference’, which works great for new clients or those who simply want the time that works best in their schedule.

You can establish this setting under Setup > Booking Details. If a client chooses ‘no preference’, they will be presented with a list of all services and available time slots across all staff members. And if more than one staff member has availability during a selected time slot, a provider will be selected randomly or selected in the order in which they’re listed, as defined under the last setting under Setup > Booking Rules.

This is another customer-requested feature, so thanks as always for the feedback!

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