View All Upcoming and Past Appointments

Now you can view all upcoming and past appointments for each of your clients. Full Slate has always shown the next five and last five appointments for each client on the Clients > Details tab, but now you can extend the listing to include the next year’s upcoming appointments and all past appointments. It’s much easier to get a complete picture of each client’s appointment record, including individual appointments within recurrences.

Have a client that needs to change an appointment that’s still several months away? No problem, you can pull up their client record, quickly find the appointment and make the change on the spot.

Just go to the Clients > Details tab, pull up a client and look for the expansion links under Upcoming Appointments and Past Appointments on the left side of the page.

Note also that clients who’ve registered for an account can log in to view their full list of appointments and make changes as necessary.

This useful functionality is the result of user requests, so please keep those requests coming!

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