New & Improved Client List

The look and feel of the client list has been updated to display better on tablets, match the rest of the product, and set the foundation for future client communication features. Check out these changes:

  • The Clients tab now defaults to the List so you can scan, scroll and search to find the client you need.
  • You can sort just by clicking the column headings.
  • You can email a single client from the List by clicking the mail icon.
  • You can choose whether to show names as First Last or Last, First and which columns to display by clicking the gear icon;
  • If you’ve connected to QuickBooks Online, it now syncs in real-time when you add or modify a client record; and
  • There’s a handy count of the records shown under the “filter” icon at the top of the list.

This is only the beginning…watch for more features to help you manage and engage with your clients!

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