Invite Clients to Register

Encouraging your clients to register for a Full Slate account is easier than ever. Using the new built-in email template, you can invite clients to sign up and their account will automatically be linked with your client record.

You can customize the new template — titled ‘Invite Client to Register’ — under Messages > Templates. To send it to a client, open up the client’s record under Clients > Details, click ‘Send message’ and select that template. Or you can send out the template in bulk under Clients > List. The email includes a link with a unique code, which when clicked by your client will take them to a registration page with their name and email pre-filled. They just need to enter a password and they’re done.

You’ll know they’ve registered when their client record says  “Registered as [email protected]”.

Full Slate does not require registration to book an appointment, but both you and your clients benefit from registration. So invite your clients to register today!

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