Managing Email/SMS Staff Alerts

Account administrators can now set email and SMS alerts for all staff members so they can be notified of new appointments scheduled by clients or other staff members.

Do some of your staff need help setting up new appointment alerts? Or do you not want to invite certain staff to log in to your Full Slate account? Now it’s easy to set up alerts on their behalf.

Just go to Setup > Staff and click on a staff member’s name. You can turn on email alerts or SMS (text message) alerts, or both…and you can define when they’ll receive the alerts. You can also establish whether they receive alerts when other staff members book on their schedule, or only when clients do. And for staff members with the Schedule Manager role, you can let them receive alerts for appointments scheduled on all staff schedules.

Only staff members with Administrator access (not those with Schedule Manager and Employee roles) can set alerts for other staff members.

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