Notice Regarding Yahoo & AOL Email Addresses

If you use a Yahoo or AOL email address on your Full Slate account, please read this important notice.

Yahoo and AOL recently changed their “dmarc” policies such that they block messages that are sent with a Yahoo or AOL email address used as a “reply to” email. When Full Slate sends emails, they are sent from [email protected], but in certain circumstances we set your email address as the “reply to” address. Yahoo and AOL are now blocking this, which means your confirmations, reminders and other emails will not reach clients.

To address this, go to Setup > Company and either remove the Yahoo/AOL email address (in which case the system will send emails from [email protected]), or change it to a non-Yahoo/AOL email address. If you leave it blank, and you also use a Yahoo or AOL email address for your user profile (i.e. the email address you use to login), then you’ll also need to change this email to a non-Yahoo/AOL address so that manual emails sent through the system will be delivered to clients, which you can do under Account > My Profile.

For more on how automatic and manual emails are delivered, please click here.

Please see this CNET article if you’re interested in learning more about the topic.

Sorry for the trouble; we wish we could offer a way to continue using your Yahoo or AOL email, but this new protocol is controlled by Yahoo and AOL, not Full Slate.

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