New features released

We released another great set of features today.   Be sure to check them out…

  • Mini-website – Service providers now have increased ability to customize the landing page that clients see when booking an appointment.  You can add a logo, change fonts, colors, etc.  If you like, you can also edit the HTML and really control the look-and-feel of the page.  You can find these features under the new ‘Company’ tab.
  • E-mail lists and templates – We now allow creation of custom e-mail templates that can be sent with a few clicks to some, or all, of your customers.  Create your own template or use one of the seven that we provide.  You can also include custom fields to personalize messages.  Recipients can easily be selected from the new customer ‘list’ view.  You can find these features under the ‘Clients’ tab.
  • Custom booking fields – You can now add a variety of fields to request information from clients at the time of booking.  With booking fields, you can capture a physical address, special requests, promotion codes, etc., or create custom checkboxes or drop-downs.  You can also specify whether the field is required or not.  Booking fields can be found under the ‘Admin’ tab.

We’re very excited about these new features.  Many of them were the result of specific requests from beta customers, so please keep your feedback coming!

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