Log In to Multiple Accounts on the Same Computer

Do you and your colleagues have separate Full Slate accounts? Do you all share the same computer at work? No problem!

Each of you can log in to your Full Slate account simultaneously on the same computer and even in the same browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari). All you have to do is:

  • Launch your browser and log in to Full Slate with one account. Important: before you click ‘OK’, check the ‘Keep me logged in’ box.
  • Open a second tab within your browser.
  • In that second tab, go to Full Slate, log out of the first account and log in to the second Full Slate account.
  • Repeat for any other Full Slate accounts.

That’s it! We recommend you consider the security risks of leaving your account open to others, but if you’re comfortable with that, you and your colleagues can all maintain your separate schedules on the same computer.

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