Let Clients Select a Provider, Then a Service, When They Book Appointments

You can now choose to have your clients first select the provider they want and then select from among the services that provider offers. This is particularly valuable for salons, spas, clinics and other businesses where each practitioner has a loyal clientèle.

Here’s what makes this feature especially valuable: now you can create mini menus of services that are partially or entirely unique to each provider. Does each practitioner perform a different set of services? Do you each charge a different price for the same service? Does one practitioner like to set aside more time for a service than the other practitioners? No problem! With this new feature, you can create unique services–with different prices, durations, cleanup times, setup times, descriptions, and so forth–for each provider.

To have your clients choose the provider first, go to Settings > Booking Details and select the proper setting. And please let us know what you think!

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