'Help' and Other New Features

We want to let you know that we added some new features to Full Slate so you can check ’em out:help

  • Help. From the top of every page in your Full Slate account, you can now access a comprehensive, end-to-end Help manual that should answer many of your questions. If the manual doesn’t do the trick, there are other ways to get help listed at the top of the manual.
  • Enhanced Landing Page. Your Full Slate Landing Page has cool new features, including an embedded Google map to your location and key contact information.
  • Improved booking navigation. We improved the pages your clients use to book appointments so they can more easily make changes to their selected service and time.
  • Client data download. You can now download (i.e. export) all of your clients’ contact information from Full Slate to Excel if you wish to use another tool for certain activities (e.g. print labels for a mailing).
  • More control on client login. You now have the option to allow or not allow clients to save their login information at the time of booking.
  • Improved performance and security. Last but certainly not least, we expanded our server infrastructure, enhanced our email engine and added SSL encryption, all for improved performance and security.

Please check out the new features, and as always, let us know what you think.

P.S. We also added some information about Full Slate in the About Us section of the website, including bios of the management team. Narcissism at its best!

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