Get Around Full Slate in a Hurry…Use Shortcuts

Be sure to take advantage of all the shortcuts built into your Full Slate account. There are many time-savings ways to book appointments, add clients, accept new appointments and otherwise move around your schedule. Below are few examples…please be sure to try them out!

ShortcutsHome tab. From the Home tab, you can quickly accept new appointments made by clients by clicking on the ‘number’ of appointments you have to accept. You can also see the details of a particular appointment by clicking on the ‘date’ associated with that appointment. And you can quickly access a client’s record by simply clicking on the client’s ‘name’.

Schedule tab. Any time you are scheduling or reviewing an appointment on the Schedule tab, you can either add a new client by clicking on ‘New client’ or review the client record of an existing client by clicking on ‘Details’ next to the client field.

Clients tab. When a client calls to book an appointment, you may find yourself reviewing their client record before booking the appointment. If so, no problem. While you are in the client record, just click on the ‘Book Now’ button to link over to the Schedule tab where you can book the appointment. Also, you’ll see any upcoming appointments on each client record; to view the details for an appointment, simply click on it and you’ll be linked to the appointment on the Schedule tab.

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