Full Slate Mobile is Here!

If you have an iPhone or Android, you can now take Full Slate with you wherever you go!

Just go to https://m.fullslate.com on your phone and log into your account. Be sure to click the “+” icon in the browser toolbar at the bottom of the screen to bookmark Full Slate or add it to your Home screen. With Full Slate Mobile, all your daily scheduling needs are just few clicks away! Check it out:


  • View your full schedule and appointment details
  • Enter new appointments
  • Cancel appointments
  • Even see other staff members’ schedules


  • View messages and alerts, including new appointments and cancellations
  • Instantly accept and decline appointment requests


  • Find client contact information
  • Add a new client or edit an existing client
  • Even directly send a text message to a client about last-minute changes

Thank you to everyone who requested Full Slate for their iPhone and Android! Have a Blackberry or Windows Mobile smart phone? Email us at [email protected]; the more customers who ask for it, the faster we’ll get to it!

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