Full Slate Goes International

Full Slate now offers additional currency, phone number and language support for businesses worldwide. It’s exciting to see businesses all over the world using Full Slate so we decided it’s time to provide more support to customers located outside the United States.

British pound? Brazilian Real? South African Rand? Full Slate now supports all major world currencies. You can now list prices on your services in your currency. And if you let your clients pay for appointments via Paypal, the price will be transfered to Paypal in the proper currency.

We also expanded phone number fields to include most worldwide formats, so you can enter your business, mobile and other phone numbers in the format of your home country.

And finally, input fields now accept all international characters so you can customize your Full Slate account in your home language. Default text is still in English, but you can easily supplement this with instructions your clients can read.

If you find that your currency, phone number or language is not supported, please let us know!

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