More Client Booking Customization

You can now further customize the pages your clients see when they schedule appointments with you.

The last button clients click when they book an appointment says, by default, “Schedule Appointment”. Wish it said “Schedule Session”, “Book Appointment” or “Book Now!”? Now you can make it say anything you want. Mobile businesses might use “Schedule Visit”. Room reservation businesses might use “Reserve Room”. Get creative and use what works best for your business.

You can also change the “staff” label to anything you like. Maybe you want it to be more specific to your business:  “Therapist”, “Stylist”, “Counselor”. Or maybe you’re using staff to schedule resources:  “Room”, “Booth”, “Vehicle”.

Just go to Setup > Booking Details to change either of these fields. Your changes will automatically show up on your landing page, website widget, and Facebook page.

We’ve seen you use Full Slate in so many ways! Now, combined with ‘look and feel’ stylization, month/week view, custom fields, and other customization options, you have more ways to personalize your scheduling pages to really meet the needs of YOUR business.

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