Include More Information in Email Alerts

You can now include in your email alerts information provided by clients when they book and cancel appointments online.

If you have added custom booking fields under Setup > Booking Details, you can choose to include client answers in the email alerts you receive each time a client books online. This is a great way to know when a client has made a special request or supplied information critical to providing the service. Just be sure to consider your clients’ confidentiality when deciding whether to include this information in your email alerts. Of course, you can still access this information on appointment details on the Schedule tab.

More_Info_AlertsYou can also choose to include in your email alerts any notes written by a client when they cancel an appointment online. With this information, you’ll know if you need to follow up with your client right away or otherwise take action.

By default, answers to custom booking fields and cancelation notes are not included in email alerts. To start, go to Messages > Alerts and check the boxes at the bottom of the page.

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Enter Custom Booking Fields Internally

Custom booking fields can now be completed when booking appointments internally. Do you capture information from clients beyond name, phone and email? If so, in addition to asking clients to enter this information when they self-book online, you can now enter it when booking an appointment on the Schedule tab.

To create custom booking fields, go to Setup > Booking Details and click ‘Add field’. You can create text, multiple choice and checkbox fields, as well as use the built-in ‘how did you hear about us’, ‘opt-in’, ‘address’ and ‘birthday’ fields. The fields you create here will then be presented to clients when they self-book online and on the appointment details slider on the Schedule tab when you book internally. ‘Birthday’ and ‘Address’ can be captured on the client’s profile under Clients > Details.

To enter information for custom booking fields internally, simply create a new appointment on the Schedule tab and click ‘Show all fields’ to display your custom fields. You can even modify the answers on client-booked appointments in the event you later gather additional information.

Custom booking fields

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Instructions for Custom Fields

If you make use of custom fields on your scheduling form, it’s easy to provide your clients with instructions on what to enter. Just go to Setup > Booking Details and click the ‘add instructions’ link next to the custom field you want to update. Enter the desired instructions in the text box and then be sure to click ‘Save’ at the top of the screen.  Instructions will appear just below the custom field label on your scheduling form.

And remember, you can add a variety of custom fields to your scheduling form.  Use custom fields to capture address information, birthdays, ‘how did you hear about us?’, promotion codes, special requests, etc.  You can even create a multiple choice field that presents clients with a drop-down list of customized options.

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