Online Scheduling on Google Live

Online scheduling on Google is now live for Full Slate customers.

If you have previously enabled it, but do not yet see online scheduling appearing in search results for your business, make sure your business name, address and phone number are up-to-date in Google My Business and match what’s in Full Slate under Setup > Company.

If you haven’t enabled it, you can do so under Web > Google. More on this feature in our original blog post.

Please note this feature is not yet available to companies with multiple locations or those with multiple providers where a provider is selected before a service.

8 thoughts on “Online Scheduling on Google Live

  1. Hey-

    I didn’t ask you about this —- are we good here? If not let me know what if anything I can do to help. I’ll be sending you notes for the landing page — I so appreciate your help and expertise there as well. Thanks- Sarah Oliver


  2. Hi Josh, Please enable this for multiple providers and locations please. You have been very helpful with everything else that I’ve every inquired about.. Hopefully, this is on the horizon. Thank you!

  3. My name,number and address is all correct and the same on both google and full slate. I still have yet to see full slate added to google for online scheduling. And no I do not have it set for multiple providers. What is the issue with this not working after all of this time? Since the announcement in November!

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