Appointment Details Update

The appointment details window, which slides down when you book an appointment on the Schedule tab, was updated to better display on all device types, including small laptops and tablets.

Key changes include:

  • The ‘Client’ field was moved to the right side of the page for prominent display;
  • The ‘details’ tab next to the client field is now a ‘new’ link until you select a client, at which point it changes to ‘details’;
  • The status fields, notes, and custom fields were placed under a ‘show more’ link on the right side of the page; and
  • The ‘Cancel Appointment’ button was replaced with a trash can icon at the bottom of the window.

Tip: When using Full Slate with Chrome, Firefox or Safari on a computer, you can expand the Notes field by clicking the lower-right corner of the box and dragging it down. This expanded view will remain until you change it, so you’ll see the larger Notes box on the next appointment you book or modify.

Based on your suggestions today, we will be switching the appointment/class/personal drop-down back to a button format and we’ll expand the notes field to several times it’s current size, along with other enhancements. We truly appreciate everyone’s feedback and are actively applying it in an effort to optimize Full Slate for all the devices you use.


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38 thoughts on “Appointment Details Update

  1. Thank you for those changes, however, the issue of the expansion of the window size for those task mentioned above, is still taking up a significant amount of space into the booking field. Please, give the appointment field more space and bring all the other options down to minimum. Thank you for your hard work on the matter.

  2. The Trash icon is in appropriate for cancelled appointments. As professionals we need records or cancelled/ missed appointments, rather than just throwing away or trashing data.

    1. Hi Christie – That’s on our development list, but without an estimated timeframe at this time. Sorry there’s nothing more definitive than that. Thanks so much for the suggestion.

  3. yeah, cancellations continue to be a sticking point. I would rather see the appoint change color and open up a time slot than letting it just disappear. It s hard for me to track cancels at my other locations. Also, I would like to see who cancelled the appt and when automatically recorded. That way I can speak to the party that interacted with the patient to see whats going on.

  4. I am finding this new display difficult to adjust to with the drop down for appointment, personal or class…I liked it better with it being button options and that status button was better before as well with it being buttons as opposed to the drop down. I also agree that the details button next to the client field needs to be bigger and the notes section in the client details is way too small now. Thanks

  5. I agree that there should be a difference between marking an appointment as cancelled and deleting it. I think there is a use case for both. A cancelled appointment should remain on the calendar but look different and free up that time slot. A deleted appointment should completely remove it from the schedule. Perhaps adding “Cancelled” to the Status drop-down for that function and keep the trash can icon for actual deleting?

  6. I think the ‘Show Less / More’ should be located somewhere else – it takes the space of a full row (valuable Screen Real Estate for a custom field like ‘Referred By’ or ‘Notes’ – in my situation – with this new layout, the ‘Referred By’ custom field get pushed down so far that its almost not visible (requiring scrolling) – fyi

  7. This new format does not show up well at all on smart devices/phones. Sometimes I am I’m the field and need to viEw or schedule client appointments and I cant. Also it would be beneficial for cancellations to know and track whether it was cancelled by the client or the service provider.

    1. Hi Carla – Please be sure to type “” into your phone’s web browser, which should render well on all iPhones and Android phones. And please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team if that does not do the trick.

  8. I agree with everyone above. Needing to keep record of Cancelled appointments is REALLY needed!
    I’m having issue with the “messaging” screen… occasionally i need to double check an message sent when I’m out and only have my phone with me… this is painfully difficult on a smart phone!

  9. I just spent 25 minutes trying to get out of the mobile site for ios devices and back to a desktop display using a browser set to desktop display most of that time. The mobile page has lost all functionality. There is no calendar view so you cannot see your day in an expected format and you just have to keep scrolling to see your week. When you click on a client with an appointment you can’t actually adjust the appointment or look at a calendar to see what is available to move it. You can’t get to a client list as far as I can tell or a menu for changing key information displayed to users. I use fullslate all day with my appointments. It is on my business cards. It was easy to open, check my week, change my breaks, move clients at a moments notice and keep track of no shows and repeats. The new mobile site offers none of this at first glance and if there is a way to get it it is not displayed intuitively so you can find it. Please offer an option to use the desktop version for mobile users, add a calendar back in to both versions and basic functions: scheduling while viewing the entire week, adding or removing availability while viewing an entire week, drag and drop appointment adjusting, access to the full range of settings. Without these things, this system is useless to me and my business.

    1. Hi Ime –

      Thanks for the feedback and sorry about the trouble. The mobile version of the software has not changed since October, so it sounds like you may recently have been accessing the “web” version on your phone. The mobile version, which is available at, is optimized for the small screens of mobile phones (iPhone and Android) and the web version, which is available at, is for computers and tablets (including the iPad). You can choose to go to either version on any device (by typing “” or “” into the address bar of your browser), but the web version will not render well on the small screen of a mobile phone. It never has rendered well on a phone, but may have fit slightly better in it’s prior format. We’re continuing to make small tweaks to the web interface to optimize how it renders all various devices, but we recommend using on your phone, saving some administrative tasks (such as changing your availability) for when you’re on a computer or tablet. Thanks again for the feedback; we really appreciate it.

  10. I sent this already in a support request, but it’s imperative that our therapists are aware of any customer notes our clients input when making their appointments. This is buried in the appointment details and requires the user to scroll to see them, which won’t be done as they won’t know when there’s a note to look at. Why ask for customer notes if you don’t give them priority in the appointment details? Turning on SMS alerts are not going to be helpful, as I am assuming they are sent when the appointment is made, rather than when the appointment is about to occur. I would prefer that customer notes not be asked for than what is currently in place. Is it possible this can be changed?

    1. Thanks Faye. One point of clarification is that you can choose to have client notes included in email alerts to providers, not in SMS alerts. This setting is under Messages > Alerts. On the appointment details window, once you choose to ‘show more’, that setting should be “sticky” meaning that it will remain in the ‘show more’ mode as you open up more appointments, until you chose to ‘show less’. That doesn’t necessarily eliminate the need to scroll down to see client notes, but saves a click and makes notes more visible. We’ll pass your feedback to the development team. Thanks again.

  11. As you said, even with the “show more” clicked, I still need to scroll down. The items there will likely go unread. It would be great if you could just have the window large enough to show all (defaulted), with the option of showing less. I hope you’ll consider this change. Thank you.

  12. Totally agree with Faye – there needs to be more real estate visible (without scrolling.

    Making the notes field LARGER ( & sticky for subsequent views), and as I suggested before, the ‘Show More / Less’ is occupying one whole row that could be better used for displaying More of the NOTES or another custom field – it kinda seems like a waste of space to have ‘Show More / Less’ where is currently is.

    If there are fields below the visible line, users may not even know that there is another field down there to fill in – In My case, I have a custom field ‘Referral Source’ that isn’t getting filled-out (regularly now with the re-design) because they simply don’t know the field exists down below.

    Why not use some of the screen space that is to the RIGHT of the following fields:

    Seems to me you could move some field over to the right of these fields, which would allow you to make the NOTES field larger by default and make pretty much everything visible without scrolling.

    Just my thoughts 🙂

    1. I agree with just about everyone. Now, if only there was a button (ex: beta test for fullslate and classic fullslate) we could push that would take us back to the previous version before all this mess….well, that would help solve most of these issues (I feel). Because it wasn’t broken to begin with…why try to fix it?
      I also understand the need for change, so I recommend in the future, if changes like this is going to happen, that at least were given an opportunity to be involved, prior to the change, since we’re paying customers.
      My biggest issue is the amount of real estate that’s blocking the actual appointment book from the drop down menu…that’s a real killer!
      I certainly hope these new changes won’t take to long to make and I will try to be patient while the team is hopefully working diligently to resolve our issues. Thank you.

  13. Month view, Month view, Month view!!! With colored blocks/client-customer names and booked times!!! Anyone that books more than a week in advance will appreciate this addition. When you book the month out you can see wholes in the schedule and try to strategically fill them. This has been a feature that previous calendars I used implemented beautifully.

  14. When there is a conflict in my appointments, the properties field covers the next/prev week buttons. This is very annoying because i need these to replace the appointment.

  15. First some compliments: I switched to FullSlate from another program. The color coding was a big factor – it allows me to see at a glance what my week looks like, with different modalities. I also use a different color for house calls.
    Cancelled appts should stay on the calendar somehow. We can already double-book by having overlaping appts. FS does a good job of showing that. Instead of the comments changing on a CL (cancelled) appt, how about either a single slash across, or 2 slashes/an X across the appt? I like to be able to see when a client may have a history of cancellations, so I could decide to book again, or require pre-payment.
    Everyone’s input, and ESPECIALLY the programmers willingness to change the structure, helps to make FS the most usable and versatile (the other company did not even acknowledge my suggestions).

  16. Also, what’s the probability of having templates; such as creative, versatile, or decorative format templates for occasions such as birthdays, valentines, and such?…just a small suggestion; that way, I don;t ever have to leave FS and use an outside party to send newsletters and such if there’s already a template. :).

  17. The new format does not allow me to schedule clients on my iphone. Looks good on my IPad tho. I still need to see you has schedule, cancelled or changed appts on my IPhone.

    1. Hi Jeff – It sounds like you may not be accessing the mobile version of Full Slate. Please be sure to type “” into your phone’s browser. And please let the support team know if that’s not working (click the ‘support’ link in the upper-right corner of your account).

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