21 comments on “New Full Slate Password Protocol
  1. Rod Cain says:

    Great. Now the widget or the link to it is broken and no one can make an appointment online since this update. Glad I discovered it within 24 hours, instead of thinking I was just having a weirdly slow week. Have you guys ever heard of beta testing before affecting thousands of customers.

  2. rupA says:

    hi i still can’t reset my password

  3. Elisia Ray says:

    I went to m.fullslate.com. signed in. Nothing! It won’t prompt me. It tries to go to another screen but doesn’t make it. This is frustrating! I have clients to tend too.

  4. I am unable to sign into my account. My staff and I just keep getting kicked back to the sign in screen.

  5. Adriana feil says:

    I still can’t change my password wont let me in any screen but my login page and there’s no option to change password d

  6. Emily says:

    Thanks for this information, however an email to all subscribers before this went into effect would have been helpful. I didn’t know what the latest update entitled and have been locked out if my account unable to log in today. I only found out about the password change from a group on Facebook since other members were unable to log in.

  7. Anne Marie says:

    Hi, I I am not getting the prompts to update my password yet my old password does not work. What do I need to do?

  8. Anne Marie says:

    I am trying to login on my iPhone with Safari.

  9. Philip Waldman says:

    This is a very welcome development. What would also be great is if you could add a password expiry option so that users are forced to change their passwords ever X days. Or, add an option where the administrator can force global password changes on staff..

  10. Patti Sklar, LMT, BCTMB - Smart Integrative Massage Group says:

    Re: Access to FullSlate Account

    I have tried clearing cache, turning tech* on and off, and everything else that has been suggested with all my tech devices. How can I change my password when I can’t get access. Please advise ASAP!!! Thank you.

    *Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Apple Mac laptop.

    I have sent an email to support@fullslate.com and included screenshots of FullSlate if that helps.

  11. Pantip says:

    Unable to used phone or iPad for login.
    PC is working great now at home. Please give specific directions since we use mobile device for booking.

  12. Patti Sklar says:

    I am posting email received and my return response in hope that this may be helpful for FullSlate support (might not)

    To: FullSlate Support
    Re: Ticket #121279: [Full Slate Support] Re: Unable to log into Full Slate

    As I have stated in my original email, I have tried everything and that includes what you have listed below in dun email. My employer was able to change her password via Internet Explorer late last evening however when she had tried to log back in again today she could not access FullSlate, so that is not a viable solution. Additionally, I can not access Internet Explorer with my Apple tech (internet accessed via Safari). I looked to see if there was a download for Internet Explorer for Apple and found that there is not.

    Is there a way that you can go back to previous FullSlate version, maybe use set-up from last Friday? The previous version should theoretically still be available on back-up. Then you can find and fix whatever happened with update and re-release (perhaps beta test it first) once completed. It’s a band-aid fix but it should get everyone up and running in the interim.
    FullSlate email:

    Rachel, Apr 12, 7:37 AM PDT:
    Hi ,

    We apologize for the inconvenience. We are working on figuring out what happened with this update and why some customers are not affected and others are.

    Some customers were able to change their password by logging into their landing page, and then once it’s changed you can log into fullslate.com. Other customers were able to get in using the browser Internet Explorer. So maybe either of those might work for you, in the meantime.

    If you still cannot get in, please email us via support@fullslate.com

    Let us know if you have tried to clear your cache, update your browser.
    Then let us know:
    -Devices tried
    -Browsers tried
    -Private browsing window tried?
    -Can you log on via computer and not mobile or vice-versa?

    Once this has been resolved, we will contact you right away.

    Best regards,


    Full Slate Support
    toll-free: 1-888-489-6543

  13. Grace says:

    Hello, Ever since I was required to change our password yesterday, Fullslate will no longer allow me to stay logged in, but rather keeps logging me off the website multiple times per day. It’s very difficult when I’m trying to make appointments in real time and I’m constantly being logged out and have to re-enter the long password each time. Is there any fix for this?

  14. Romell Hardin says:

    Our account is not there Given reset password link Did that
    still no account
    login counselingcc@sbcglobal.net

    Give us a call please (817)595-2520

  15. Amanda says:

    Prior to the password update I was able to remain logged into full slate all day. Since the password update, I am continuously having to login to full slate because I no longer stay logged in. Please let me know how I can stay logged in.

  16. Aneke says:


    fullslate does not work in firefox or google chrome, but work good by my microsoft exploire. Maybe it help others?
    But my clients doesn’t recieved any email reminders.
    Hope it will be fix soon.
    And it would be nice if i don’t have type my password every time when i open fullslate.
    Regards from Belguim Aneke

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