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Full Slate has partnered with Google to enable online booking directly from Google search results. Now when clients or prospective clients find your business on Google, they can see that you offer online scheduling and begin the booking process right there.

All the same booking rules and details apply, and there is no extra charge for appointments made through Google.  We’re all for innovation that makes scheduling simpler and encourage you to give it a try.  Just go to Web > Google and flip the switch to “Yes.”

Once enabled, it generally takes Google 2-4 days to add online booking for your business, and there is no guarantee the “Book an appointment” section will show up for your business. To increase the odds of online scheduling appearing in search results for your business, make sure your business name, address and phone number are up-to-date in Google My Business and match what’s in Full Slate under Setup > Company.

Please note this feature is not yet available to companies with multiple locations or those with multiple providers where a provider is selected before a service.

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20 thoughts on “Online Scheduling on Google

    1. Hi Julee – We’re not currently supporting the feature when you have ‘provider’ selection first in the booking process. We’re working on adding it for your use case. I created a ticket to ensure we follow-up with you directly once that’s added. We’ll also update the blog post. Let us know if any other questions and thanks for your interest in the feature. -Josh

    1. Hi Jessica – We’re working on adding the ‘provider first’ functionality for online scheduling. We’ll post an update once this is available. Thanks for your patience and interest! -Josh

    1. Thanks for your interest Jason, we’ll post an update once we have more information on this feature being available for customers with multiple locations. Thanks!

    1. Hi Sara – In your case, the reason the option ‘Google’ doesn’t appear on the ‘Web’ tab is because you are using our multiple locations feature under Setup > Company. We don’t yet currently support this setup for Google Scheduling. Let us know if any other questions.

  1. Is there even an option to not have ‘provider first’? I am a sole practitioner, but it doesn’t seem to allow me to do anything but have people select provider first. I tried to delete myself as a provider but I’m not able to. If it doesn’t work for me as a sole provider and it isn’t available for multiple locations, who is able to use this feature right now? Thank you, looking forward to having this feature work for all of us!

    1. Hi Jessica – If you go to Setup > Booking Details to the question ‘What should clients see as the first step when booking new appointments?’ then choose this option ‘Have clients select a service and then the provider’, Save, refresh the page, then when you go to the Web tab you should see a Google section there. Let us know if any further trouble.

    1. Hi Tamela – In taking a peek, for your account the ‘provider’ selection is before service, which we don’t currently support for this feature (although we’re working on it). This is the question under Setup > Booking Details > ‘What should clients see as the first step when booking new appointments?.’ The first option is the only one we support for Google scheduling right now. Only administrators or users with full access can see the Web or Setup tabs. Let us know if you have any other questions.

    1. Since Full Slate is still in the evaluation stage by Google, I don’t have any live examples. But, if you search for your business on Google ‘New Day Massage & Bodywork’, on the right you’ll see your address, phone, hours, and reviews. Below the ‘Reviews’ section will be a ‘Book an appointment’ with a drop-down of your Full Slate categories and services. Once the client selects the option, we’ll send them to the second step of the booking process on your Full Slate landing page. From there, they just choose the time, enter their information, and book the appointment. I hope that provides you an idea of what to expect. 🙂

    1. Hi Erica – Since Full Slate is still in the evaluation stage by Google, you’re not going to see anything yet. Once it is live, it will show up on your ‘Google Business Listing’ on the right hand part of a Google Search. Let us know if any other questions.

    1. Hi Jason – we’re getting antsy too, our team is working on it and hopes to have it available for businesses with multiple locations soon. We’ll post an update as soon as it’s available. Thanks, Josh

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